“Les Délices“ range

ISCAL Sugar Caramel is proud to present its new “Les Délices“ range.
Our new Salt Butter Caramel collection has been designed with the utmost care and precision to bring you unrivalled flavour that is suitable for a wide variety of uses. Made from sugar, butter, heavy cream and Guérande sea salt, our caramels are used in a range of different industries for the Filling and Topping of products including sweets, chocolates, and biscuits.

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The best thing about our “Les Délices” range is its high versatility, thanks to its authentic Butter – Heavy Cream – Guérande Sea Salt base which can easily be adapted to suit many different products and uses.

As we use only high quality ingredients, our caramels are able to be blended harmoniously and easily with an ever-increasing number of other Flavours, both traditional and out of the ordinary. The proof is in the pudding – so if you’d like to taste any of the products from our “Les Délices” range, feel free to get in touch with us.

We’d be more than happy to introduce you to our superb caramels, including:

Délice Salé Délice Nappé Délice fourré Délice 100 % Saccharose