Our divisions

Built in 1993 on the site of the famous Battle of Fontenoy, Iscal Sugar is the most recent sugar refinery to be established in Western Europe. With its transformation capacity of 12,000 tonnes of beets per day and higher than average energy efficiency, the Fontenoy sugar refinery is among one of the most efficient plants in the European Union.

It manufactures white beet sugar of the highest quality, which is sold to industrial clients and major retailers in a wide variety of different packaging options. Among its other products are treacle and beet pulp.

Iscal Retail Sugar in Lelystad (NL) moulds and packages sugar in all shapes and sizes for European consumers, including a wide range of different-sized cubes, boxes, pouches, bags and sticks, as well as jelly sugar and low- to zero-calorie products. We can tailor our products to suit any kind of sugar our clients request – from white beet to brown cane and organic sugar, or even the addition of sweeteners like Stevia.

We also produce zero-calorie Stevia-based products in the form of cubes,
boxes and pouches with erythritol. As a leading private label partner for all retailers, our clients
are guaranteed the best possible service. Our streamlined logistics and strong focus on made-to-order production ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

In operation since 2010, our Mons division specialises in the production of liquid sugar (saccharose syrups, invert sugars and siromix), a wide range of colour caramels (from light yellow to dark brown) and aromatic caramels (from mild and sweet to full-bodied and intense). With our range of Burnt Sugars and Organic BIO Caramels (BE-BIO-01), we can also offer you 100% natural solutions to all your sugar needs.

Our clients’ loyalty and trust in what we do is a natural result of our commitment to the continuous improvement of our products, services and traceability.
It is thanks to this expertise and commitment that we are BRC and GMP certified. Our expertise is already renowned in over 30 countries.  If you’re looking to develop your own caramel to suit your future requirements, feel free to get in touch with us – our R&D Department would be happy to help.