Iscal Sugar Caramel is investing for you

This new autoclave, installed at our production site in Mons, will enable our R&D team to design even more aromatic caramels in line with your strictest demands.

It features the latest technological developments, from its central mixer equipped with 2 three-blade butterfly turbines (open) to the conical scraper, securing the perfectly uniform texture of our creamy caramels.

Designed entirely in AISI 316 stainless steel and fully electrically powered, its properties meet the most stringent requirements in the field of hygiene and bacteriological contamination, guarantees that are essential in the food industry.

We are in no doubt that this new equipment will allow us to expand our range by introducing new flavours to join our already reputed “Délices Toffee – Sucré – Salé.”

From an annual volume of 4 000 kg, Iscal Sugar Caramel offers you an opportunity to bring on board its skills for the development and follow-up of customised R&D project.